What if I evaporated?
If everything that pricks me draws a red sea-
There’s woe, and then there’s the sea.
The salt black, heavy stinging, clumped.

I picked at my face til’ it bled today and I locked myself in my room.
I hoped the grade on my “examination” would disperse
Like molecules in water. But my vision does not waver. Every color
Precipitates in torrents like sheets of wax,

As solid and clear as any lucid dream, so then
Will they miss me away? Will we grow?
Am I destined to be condensation on my friends’ foreheads,
Dripping gruesomely, drifting off steam?

Violent silence
Screeches tangerine
Like a bone-jagged zap down the jawline.
When your eyes snag mine, hook-lining,
A last moth-winged utter
dissolves into an Aurora, a finger-
Prick drawing blood,
Crawling the back of my throat.

You’ve miraged from
Phantasmal hot coals, the vapor
Pulsing my brain,
Startlingly flesh and bones and scattering flying things—