Dear readers,

I created this poetry vault of sorts to not only share my heart and constant musings, but to start dialogues, delve into the darker glimmering parts of the human brain, and to cultivate connections between readers, writers, and the like. I will also always strive to write as a vehicle for change, especially for the sake of equality along lines of race and gender with a thematic foundation of humanity as one solid, imperfect, and gritty identity. I hope you find something that connects with you in a particular way; my goal is to learn how to touch or help individuals with even the smallest fragments of raw, polished emotions and intellectual structures of small loves, while at the same time diving right into my own darkest corners.

Thank you for stopping by!


Information About the Photos:

Both of the photos on the homepage are mine. The first is the display on my wall, featuring a sketch of a tree by me, my print photographs and some beautiful eclectic pieces of art and things! The second I took at night in Washington D.C., and I was lucky enough to catch a flock of birds mid-flight.

For more of my photography, check out my photography Instagram: @spellbound_dwellings